We live in the 21st Century, and everyone is busy with work and life. Because of such a fast-paced lifestyle, chaos and disturbance can occur at any moment at any place. A surprise, unplanned visit from friends and neighbors can destroy the peace and quiet in your home. Soundproof room dividers are the perfect way to get some quiet without having to go far. 

As it is essential to keep focus and attention in our works for professionalism, scientists found some easy ways to reduce the surround sound with soundproof panels and curtains. As it is a review of soundproof room dividers, we will be talking about the soundproof curtains.

The traditional soundproof room dividers are like curtains made with soundproof and heavy materials. They are handy for reducing noise and give you a peaceful calm place to focus on work and other personal affairs. 

Before jumping into the curtain review, let's discuss three essential factors you must consider before buying one: weight, Material, and the Steel pole/Curtain rod.

Considering the weight, always buy the heavy ones. The heavier the curtain, the better it can block noises. Always look for the one that has the most materials. Extra liners in the curtain are preferable because it reduces sounds. Suede and Velvet made curtains are the most effective in noise reduction. 

Lastly, the rod. Make sure that the rod is strong enough to hold the weight of the curtain.

That being said, let us look at 10 of the best soundproof room dividers and curtains you can get on Amazon.

10. bluCOASTLINE Room Divider Curtain Extra Wide Blackout Curtain Panel

Product Description: Its extra-wide and full blackout design makes it perfect for offices, hospitals, shared bedrooms, city lofts, etc. It blocks and reduces noises effectively, which gives you privacy. Moreover, it's been weighed down on both sides to make it look gorgeous.

Product Design and Quality: Made with 100% polyester and a full blackout design. In addition, the soundproof heavy materials make it a very good choice for soundproof room dividers. It is extra wide and long to completely hide your private corner.

Product Features: 

● Made with triple wave technology

● Soft and skin-friendly fabric

● Bottom weighted for better draping

● Machine washable

Room Divider


9. NICETOWN Total Shade Patio Door

Product Description: Imported, readymade polyester curtains. Each package comes with one curtain. The curtains are soundproof, and with their blackout design, it can block all sunlight.

Product Design and Quality: The quality of this curtain is top-notch. It is sewed in black liner backing machines to completely blackout sunlight and UV rays. It is easy to install, and its materials are two times stronger than traditional soundproof curtains.

Product Features:

● 100% blackout

● Temperature isolation

● Sound reduction materials

● Durable Material and easy caring

Shade Patio Door


8. Moondream Sound Insulation Curtains

Product Description: Made in Europe, these curtains are totally flawless in their design and appearance. Its inner soundproof materials block sounds. The curtain is spaced at regular intervals for reducing crampings. Each package comes with one piece of readymade curtains.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with patented technology and three layers of different materials to effectively block light, sounds, and heat. The curtains are tested to reduce noises to 7 decibels.

Product Features:

● 1.6 inches inner diameter

● Simple and classy

● Soundproof, Sunlight-proof, and thermal insulation

● Dry wash only

3 in 1 Sound
Insulation Curtain


7. NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions

Product Description: If you are seeking a quick, low-cost solution for reducing background noises, then this is the best choice. It is beautiful to look at and effectively reduces noise.

Product Design and Quality: Made with thick and heavy polyester materials, this curtain can easily reduce noises and lights to provide a calm private place.

Product Features:

● Silver grommet tops for easy sliding

● Solid fabric with a silky fabric for skin-friendliness

● Machine washable in instructed temperatures

Room Divider
Screen Partitions


6. RHF 10' x 8' Room Divider Curtain

Product Description: If your budget is low, then choose this curtain from RHF. It's made of high-quality fabrics and has excellent features that are unimaginable in its price of $50.

Product Design and Quality: Product design and quality are of high end. It has a 5-star hotel standard. Perfect for homes, hotels, offices, studios, and hospitals. Maintenance and washing of these curtains are very easy.

Product Features: 

● Same color on both side, idle for shared bedrooms

● Reduces sound

● Blocks all light

● Body shape is hidden for total privacy

● grommet tops for easy sliding

Rose Home Fashion
10 x 8 Privacy Divider


5. Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain

Product Description: This curtain is perfect for modern apartments as it is fashionable and blocks all heat, lights and reduces noise effectively. It can also be used for other purposes than a room divider.

Product Design and Quality: Made with high-end 100% polyester and triple weave blackout technology, its elegant design makes it a great choice for studios, apartments, hospitals, etc.

Product Features:

● Soft, skin-friendly fabric

● Stainless steel grommets

● High-density black yarn for complete blackout

● Same color on both sides

Privacy Room Divider Thermal Curtain


4.RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit

Product Description: This premium room dividing curtain from RoomDividersNow features privacy, heavyweight, and attractive look. All 3 in 1 curtain complete with excellent soundproofing materials makes this curtain earn the third spot on our list.

Product Design and Quality: It is easy to set up, and the grommet tops make it easy to slide, creating privacy easily. The curtains are long enough to completely block from the ceiling to the floor.

Product Features:

● Hemmed and finished on both sides

● Effective blackout and soundproofing

● Perfect for the office, studio, and home use

8ft Tall Room Divider


3.Sorbus Room Divider Privacy Screen Foldable Panel 

Product Description: If curtains don't do it for you, then you might consider a foldable panel. Idle for both indoors and outdoors use, these 8-panel dividers from Sorbus can be set in many configurations for multi-purposes. 

Product Design and Quality: Designed with a beautiful sense of fashion, these panels can give your room or place an elegant look. Looks good with the both modern and old design. Its lightweight design makes it easy for relocation and takes very small places for storing.

Product Features:

● Full privacy

● No metal pole required for installing

● Can be placed anywhere in any configurations

● No washing

6 ft Tall Extra Wide
Room Divider


2. LORDTEX Burlap Linen Look Textured Room Divider Curtains 

Product Description: This curtain from LORDTEX has a nice textured finish that gives a premium feel of touch. It effectively blocks sunlight from providing a private place all for yourself.

Product Design and Quality: Two-layer design with different materials effectively reduces noises. The materials are easy to maintain and machine washable.

Product Features:

● Burlap Linen Look Texture

● Top grommet

● Easy dust removal

● Machine washable

Burlap Linin Room
Divider Curtains


1. RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen

Product Description: Imported, well-made curtain. A practical way to reduce noises and ensure privacy. Made with soft woven fabric for a soft touch experience.

Product Design and Quality: Triple woven technology and high-quality durable polyester makes it idle for long term use. Easily installable with its grommet tops. Great product for ensuring privacy.

Product Features:

● Triple woven fabric

● 100% blackout

● Reduces noise effectively

Energy Smart
Room Divider


Final Word on Soundproof Room Dividers

So these were the top 10 soundproof dividers you can get on Amazon. Make sure to look at their reviews before buying. These options will all help you to create different sections in your house and to also block sound waves. Make sure you find the best soundproof room dividers for your needs. 

Ian Warner

Ian founded Habits of Success Podcast and wanted to improve his audio since three young children constantly scream in his house. He always questions how he soundproofed noisy rooms in his house and created an audio studio. SoundproofTips is Ian's way of sharing all he has learned. Ian is also a 2012 Olympian that was an All-American at Iowa State University.

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