Living in a busy city or a noisy neighborhood can be chaotic. Sure, there are tremendous amenities in cities that you can’t get in the countryside but it’s difficult to live among noise pollution for some people. Suppose, you are in your apartment, enjoying your weekend. Suddenly, you hear your neighbors screaming outside. The doors are slamming hard and a buzzing sound is making you feel irritated. All you can think about is if it's possible to learn how to make apartments soundproof. 

From inconsiderate neighbors, new babies all the way to a busy street close by, its time to be done with the noise for good. It's essential to make your apartment soundproof. It’s not entirely possible to  get it to be 100% soundproof. However, you can reduce the external noise to a minimum level by following the steps listed below. Let’s see how you can apply these methods and soundproof your apartment on your own.  

How to DIY Soundproof Apartment: Seal Any Kind of Gaps

Sound flows well in airy spaces. For reducing external noises, you must fill in all the major gaps in your house. For example, the front doors may have gaps in between. By plugging up the gap or installing a rubber door can make your apartment much more soundproof.

You may find these spaces in a few more places than the front door. Elevator, garbage room, laundry area, stairwell, etc. all of these places have possibilities of passing sound through gaps or hollow places. By sealing these areas, you’ll stop the air circulation. As a result, you can prevent the unnecessary noise trespassing.

Sound Absorption Blanket

How to DIY Soundproof Apartment

Door Soundproofing

How to DIY Soundproof Apartment

Use Soft Fabrics for Decoration

Most of the time noises appear due to friction. Every time you open the door, or remove a furniture, you will hear a squeaky noise. It’s annoying yet obvious. However, there is a way you can completely get rid of this sound. 

Firstly, you can use soft textiles in open spaces. Use rug or door mats in front of doors. It will lessen the friction and reduce noise pollution. Choosing upholstered furniture is always a good decision. You can also add pillows under sitting furniture. Sound absorbing tablecloth and wall tapestries are best to make your apartment fully soundproof.

Install Window Inserts

Keeping the outside noise out is every apartment dwellers dream. The chaotic city noise is troubling and it may divert you from whatever you're doing. You can seal the outside noise by adding window inserts. These are clear glass or acrylic panes that are installed over the windows.

A window insert blocks the outside air by making the windows airtight. You will find 50% of the external noise completely reduced. However, you can adjust the window inserts and some may even pop out quickly. You can enjoy both fresh air and soundproof system whichever you prefer.   

How to DIY Soundproof Apartment

Window Weatherstripping

Use Soundproof Curtains

Are you sleep deprived because of the excessive noise pollution in your apartment? Well, curtains can help you sleep! Yes, it’s curtains we’re talking about but these aren’t the regular ones. Soundproof curtains come in special heavy-duty fabric that absorb sound easily. Some curtains also absorb sunlight and other light sources, providing a dampening environment for your sleep.

Usually, these curtains weigh about 15 pounds for an average sized window. They can be used just like a regular curtain with a lot more efficiency. Good thing is you can find these curtains in various colors. So, decorating your room with these curtains won’t be a problem. This buy can single handedly improve the amount of sleep you get drastically by keeping both noise and light out. 

Sound Blocking Curtains

How to DIY Soundproof Apartment

Block Thin Walls

A lot of new apartments have thin walls nowadays. It’s like you can hear everything you don't want to on the other side of the wall. This dreadfully hampers privacy. So, what can you do?

One great way to muffle the sound is to build a partition adjacent to the wall. You can definitely add wall-to-wall faux in this case. However, a good way to cover up the extra air in the middle is to use massive objects or furniture. Especially, the built-in materials are useful to block all the gaps in between, providing an edge to soundproof the area. 

You can also throw up sound absorption blankets on your walls. It can get costly to do this but the results are awesome. These blankets help to keep sound out and also stop noises from your house from going out. Soundproofing your doors is also helpful to stop noises from getting out. Everything helps when learning how to make apartments soundproof. 

Sound Absorption Blanket

Door Soundproofing

Add Soundproof Tiles to the Ceiling

Using soundproof ceiling tiles is a good method of sealing up any apartment. You can use these tiles instead of the regular ones to trap any noise inside. Regular tiles may have gaps in the middle. The extra space allows air flow and external noises eventually pollute the internal environment.

With installing soundproof ceiling tiles, the gap gets shut down entirely and you quickly see a reduction in noise. They also come in different aesthetic designs. You can choose a design according to your preference and decorate your apartment. 

Apply Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are a type of soundproof tiles that are hung on the wall. You will find a variety of panels with different texture and design. The designs vary depending on their noise cancelling abilities. Usually, people use them to stop echoing and stop the flow of sound transmission.

The density of each panel determines how effectively it can reduces noise. Sometimes, they are installed on doors and windows to prevent sound from flowing. You can expect noise reduction of 30 decibels in average. These panels are also available in many colors.  

Acoustic Panels

Green Glue

Mineral Wool

Special Measure for Extensive Soundproof Apartment

After you have tried all the DIY techniques, you can always call the professionals to help you out. Even if you succeed in your DIY mission, professionals can get you much closer to a 100% soundproof job. So, an expert can provide you the best solution to this problem. However, this will be applicable only if you're allowed to make major changes to where you live. Chances are, if you rent that you can't do this! 

If you have a condo, experts will come to your home and examine all the necessary details. They will measure the noise pollution level in your apartment and then create an action plan. Based on your requirement, they will improve sound insulation in every aspect of your home – ceilings, doors, floors, windows etc. 

Final Thoughts On How to DIY Soundproof Apartment

It’s hard to live in an apartment that you feel you can't make any noise in without a neighbor complaining. Soundproofing is worth having the peace of mind. It requires both money, time, and effort to get the best results. Use the above strategies to make your apartment as soundproof as possible. 

However, you might need to keep in mind a few things before looking for a new apartment. Try to choose an apartment that is far away from the streets. Check rental apartments after working hours to know the real deal. Also, make sure the trash room, laundry room, or elevator is far from your apartment. These tactics will enhance the possibility of needing to spend a lot on soundproof materials. 

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