My Soundproof Story

At, we are devoted to help you to find simple solutions for soundproofing your home. We want your sounds to go where it is wanted.

Ian Warner

Welcome to, 

I started this site out of necessity. I was had started the Habits of Success Podcast and though it was going well, I was having so many audio issues. My kids would start crying or making noise out of nowhere.

I decided to start recording the podcasts in the basement instead. The problem was the room I was using created an insane echo that made the quality even worse. My hunt to find soundproof solutions was born from this. I started this site to share what I learned and to help others find the best products and hacks for soundproofing. 

I am a 2012 Olympian, Author and avid internet marketer. I love creating websites like this one that help to improve people's lives in some way. 

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