Do you want to set up your own recording studio at home? Perhaps you have obnoxious neighbors who do not have the decency to keep it down. Or maybe you just want some peace and quiet in your own home? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you're going to have to soundproof your home or a particular room in your home. Getting a soundproof blanket is an affordable way to do this. 

The only way to really soundproof anything is to spend a colossal amount of money. So unless you have a bank account bursting with money, you need a cost-efficient method such as soundproof blankets. In this article, we will discuss soundproof blankets, which are also known as moving blankets, and acoustic blankets.

Just How Effective is Soundproof Blanket?

As discussed earlier, true soundproofing requires a significant investment, which most people cannot afford. A cheaper alternative is a soundproof blanket, which is named so but can be misleading as soundproof blankets will only dampen sounds and not truly block any sound. 

These blankets are not what we use for nice nap. Instead they are made with special materials, which absorb sound. Some soundproof blankets are also stitched in proprietary techniques, which enhance their sound dampening qualities.

Why Would You Even Need a Soundproof Blanket?

There are many reasons why anyone would want to soundproof their homes and/or rooms. The most glaring reasons include noise pollution from traffic sounds, loud and uncouth neighbors; maybe you live near an airport, railway station, shopping or school district.

Other reasons could be that you have special requirements for privacy such as having a home-based recording studio. If you have watched films about musicians such as Bohemian Rhapsody, then you know why soundproofing is crucial.

Essentially, not just any room can be soundproofed using soundproof blankets. The room’s walls should be unencumbered with furniture and other paraphernalia and the room itself should not have too much stuff. Attaching soundproof blankets to the walls will help dampen and absorb any loud sounds from escaping the room and this also works in reverse, by reducing noises coming into the room.

Soundproof blankets can, not only be used on walls but also on windows, doors, floors, and ceilings. Although, using blankets on ceilings can be tougher than you would think as keeping them attached would require considerable usage of adhesives, which would could damage your ceilings.

Sound Absorption Blanket

Soundproof Blanket

Sound Dampening Blanket

Soundproof Blanket

Buying the Best Quality Soundproof Blankets

Since the purpose of a soundproof blanket is to block as much sound as possible, the material used in its creation determine the quality. Materials such as cloth fabrics are woven together with a sound dampening inner layer to allow sound waves to enter the soundproof blanket’s outer layer and reach the inner layer. In other words, the soundproof blanket’s outer fabric should be breathable to help trap sound. 

The inner layer of a soundproof blanket is constituted of materials such as fiberglass, wool, cotton, cellulose, or vinyl. The sound waves pass through the breathable outer layers and are absorbed by the inner layer; this way the soundproof blanket works to dampen the sound to some extent. Additionally, another feature of most soundproof blankets are perforations on their edges so that you can easily use hooks or nails and hang or attach them to walls, windows, or doors.

Before purchasing a soundproof blanket, it is very important to pay attention to the details on the blanket’s packaging. In particular, search for an STC rating which essentially means that the soundproof blanket was lab and field-tested to ensure soundproofing ability. Do not just rely on a soundproof blanket’s marketing copy.

How Much to Pay for a Soundproof Blanket?

How much would you have to pay for a soundproof blanket? Well, the answer is how much soundproofing do you want. Soundproof blanket s that have a higher STC rating will have been made with high-quality fiberglass or vinyl and can make your room highly soundproof.

An expensive soundproof blanket will have multiple outer and inner layers in addition to some quilted padding on the outer layers to give off a premium feel. On the other hand, soundproof blankets, which are on the cheap side, will be thinner and not be as good at making your room soundproof. Not to mention that the aesthetics will not be as nice. 

Setting Up Your Room With Soundproof Blankets

Setting up your home with soundproof blankets is quite an easy yet time-consuming task. Just make sure to get some things on your hands such as hooks, nail gun or hammer and nails, adhesives, and tapes.

  1. Affixing the soundproof blanket to a wall is just like hanging a tapestry. If your soundproof blanket has perforations then you can just use hooks that you will pre-attach to the wall and hang the blanket. If your soundproof blanket does not have any perforations then you will have to use nails to hammer the blanket in place or adhesives.
  2. Hanging a soundproof blanket on doors is even easier. Just fix a curtain holder with hooks above the door and hang the soundproof blanket using the perforations. You can also use nails or adhesives to attach the soundproof blanket to the door. Just make sure that you are not covering just the door and leave some extra blanket area to cover up the gaps between the door and the wall.
  3. Using soundproof blankets to cover windows is a bit trickier. It all depends on whether you are going to need to open the window to let in light and fresh air or not. If it is the former then your only option is to use a curtain holder and hand the soundproof blanket like a tapestry over the window. If it is the latter then you can seal up the window by affixing the soundproof blanket using nails or adhesives all over the window as well as the surrounding walls.

Conclusion On Using a Soundproof Blanket

Soundproof blankets are a great and inexpensive way to soundproof your home. Whether you have a YouTube channel, podcast, or you're a musician working from your home recording studio, soundproofing your home doesn't need to be a significant investment.

The soundproof blanket is particularly useful for people who rent since homeowners do not often allow tenants to make constructional changes to their homes, which is a necessity if you want to go soundproof your home.

Soundproofing your home with soundproof blankets are an easy way to improve the aesthetics since blankets that are easy on the eye will add to the décor of your house.

Sound Absorption Blanket

Soundproof Blanket

Sound Dampening Blanket

Soundproof Blanket

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