Producing quality audi can be a hectic task without soundproof tiles . Whether it’s in the music industry or any other industry, having high quality sound is a must. One of the significant reasons behind artists choosing studios is that the studios have soundproof technology. 

It enables them to produce high-quality content. This is where soundproof tiles have become inseparable. Soundproof tiles are also known as acoustic foam panels because of their foamy texture and sound absorption feature.

They cancel all the noises transferring inside or outside the room, helping in audio to solely focus on the content. However, there are plenty of brands out there with tremendous number of soundproof tilesLet’s check out the features they have to offer.

10. Audiosoul Acoustic Foam Panels 

Product Description: This affordable Siless acoustic foam panels are great in an affordable price. They are outstanding in providing double-effect in blocking noise and absorbing sounds.

Product Design and Quality: You will be assured about this soundproof tile as it is most effective in the market. It is also lightweight in nature. So, it will be easier to carry. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful one color texture which will deliberately match with your room.

Product Features:

  • Comes in twelve pieces in a pack
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Dimension: 1” x 12” x 12”
  • Provides a stylish décor effect

Audiosoul Soundproof Tiles


9. Auralex Acoustics Roominator 

Product Description: Auralex Acoustics Roominator is basically a bliss to all of the beginners out there. If you have a small studio or you want to convert a room in your home as a studio, then this soundproof tile will be the best fit.

Product Design and Quality: It has everything you will need to run a small studio. You can enjoy 18 DST-112 panels, 18 DST-114 Panels, and EZ-stick pro mounting tabs all in a 36 square feet wide foam. It is amazing as a vocal booth too.

Product Features:

  • Best suitable for beginners
  • Comes in total 36 square feet
  • Consisting different types of soundproofing panels

Auralex Soundproof Tiles


8. IZO Acoustic Egg-Crate Tiles 

Product Description: This IZO Acoustic Egg-Crate Tiles are best for the ceiling as it provides angular reflection of sound. It is two inches thick and comes in one color, charcoal gray.

Product Design and Quality: You’ll love how it makes the room 100% soundproof. The quality is absolutely perfect for the beginners.

Product Features:

  • Comes in various sizes
  • Egg-Crate sound absorption design
  • Lightweight foam

IZO Soundproof Tiles


7. JBER Pyramid Acoustic Foam 

Product Description: These foam panels do a great job in sound improvement. With a two-inches thick pyramid shape does all the wonders. The whole area of this panel is 12 inches square.

Product Design and Quality: Speaking of its quality, it is better than the former two products. It can reduce both echo and background noises. You won’t even find any difficulties setting the foam up on your studio.

Product Features:

  • Flutters echo and reduces unwanted reflections
  • Reduces outside noises
  • Comes in a 24-pack

JBER Soundproof Tiles


6. Mybecca Acoustic Panels 

Product Description: Mybecca offers a proper reduction of 80 to 90% sound which is fully soundproof from the outside. The panels are tangible. They can be used in both small and large places.

Product Design and Quality: The design of this product makes it so easy to install. It’ll just only require a spray glue. However, you might have to be a little cautious about the adhesive used.

Product Features:

  • Provides total 48 square feet coverage by one pack
  • Wedge style checkerboard pattern
  • Reduces 80-90% background noises

Mybecca Soundproof Tiles


5. Foamily Red Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel Studio

Product Link: Click here

Product Description: Foamily will give you much pleasure than any other soundproof tiles will give you. It treats the walls so smoothly that you will fall in love with it. The 2” thick tiles will provide you with maximum noise reduction.

Product Design and Quality: The foams cancel all the extra noises in the background and provides a calming environment. No unwanted noises in the house anymore!

Product Features:

  • 2” thick, 1 square foot tile
  • Affordable and efficient
  • Maximum noise reduction

Foamily Soundproof Tiles


4. Pro Studio Acoustics Wedge Foam

Product Description: Pro Studio Acoustics present combination of alternating patterns along with perfect soundproof system. It reduces the sound waves strongly and flutters echoes deliberately.

Product Design and Quality: This Wedge foam is made of the United States. So, you can be much assured about its quality and durability.

Product Features:

  • Has a noise cancelling thick design
  • Tiles are in 12-inches square size
  • Product made in USA

Pro Studio Soundproof Tiles


3. FSTOP Labs 12-Pack Acoustic Foam Panels 

Product Description: These beveled and mushroom shaped FSTOP acoustic foam are extremely effective in cancelling noises inside and outside of the room. The tiles are flat and have a packed density of 50 pounds per cubic yard.

Product Design and Quality: You will find these tiles in two different colors and designs. One comes in a mushroom design while the other is beveled shape. They also expand within a few days. Thus, it takes a while to work with.

Product Features:

  • Comes in two different designs
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • Total 12-inch squares in dimension

FSTOP Soundproof Tiles


2. New Level Egg Crate Acoustic Panels Studio Foam

Product Description: The product features an egg crate design that has gentler slops. It contains only six tiles with a 12 inch-squares in total. So, it makes them more sound absorbent than the previous products.

Product Design and Quality: This soundproof tile comes in variety of colors including charcoal, ice blue, red, and burgundy. You can mix and match colored tiles according to your preference.

Product Features:

  • 12-inch square tiles
  • Thickness is of 2-inche
  • Comes in various colors

Foamily Soundproof Tiles


1. New Millennium Products Acoustical Sound Foam 

Product Description: As one of the soundest efficient panels, New Millennium products are inexpensive than the other soundproof tiles. They are super easy to install and don’t harm the wall either.

Product Design and Quality: New Millennium Acoustics Sound Foam may be cheaper in price. However, it doesn’t compromise with the quality. The panel reduces the unnecessary echoes all over the room.

Product Features:

  • Budget-friendly product
  • Reduces echo and traps authentic sound
  • Comes in a wedge design

New Millennium


Final Thoughts on Soundproof Tiles

Whatever content you are producing, audio or video, it’s essential to create high-quality content. Apart from good content, the quality also depends on the background music.

You want to invest in a good soundproof tile system so you can ensure the best art production. So, you will no longer be dissatisfied with the unnecessary noises and sounds anymore.

Ian Warner

Ian founded Habits of Success Podcast and wanted to improve his audio since three young children constantly scream in his house. He always questions how he soundproofed noisy rooms in his house and created an audio studio. SoundproofTips is Ian's way of sharing all he has learned. Ian is also a 2012 Olympian that was an All-American at Iowa State University.

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