Soundproofing something can seem like a tedious task for many, but at times it’s a necessity and it needs to be done right for for it to work well. Whether you want to use your garage for band practice, or to work on your car, you need to make sure that all that sound does not escape since it can be a nuisance for your neighbors or the passersby. So, how do you make sure of that? You need to soundproof your garage!

To block all the booming sound from escaping your garage, it’s important that you soundproof it properly. With some simple steps and techniques, you can easily soundproof your garage quickly. Curious to know how? Give this article a read and we’re sure that as you implement these soundproofing techniques to your garage, the sound pollution will decrease significantly. 

Step One to Soundproof Your Garage: Lay Rubber Mats on the Floor

When you walk on a hard surface with your shoes on, it creates a lot of sounds, doesn’t it? In the same way, hard floors in your garage create a lot of unwanted noise. These hard surfaces intensify the noise because sound bounces off of hard surfaces. But you can avoid it by simply laying down some rubber pads on the floor. It will decrease the intensity of the sound. You want to do everything you can to stop sound from bouncing. 

You can find a lot of rubber mats on the market. Especially there are dedicated rubber mats for soundproofing. Rubber mats may not be full 'soundproof' inherently but they sure help to mitigate vibrations of sound. You can pick another considerable choice which is the old carpet. As it’s soft, you just have to place it inside the entire garage floor so that it eliminates excessive noise. They also help with dropping things on the floor in your garage. Mats in your garage will help to dampen the sound. 

Rubber Mat Option #1

Soundproof Your Garage

Rubber Mat Option #2

Soundproof Your Garage

Step Two: Focus on the Window

Windows are one of those vital areas where sound can escape. You can’t think of proper isolation without working on your garage window. Some people may suggest just closing down the window to block the sound, but we are trying to offer a better, and more suitable solution. 

To get better isolation, you need to block at least 65%-70% of windows properly in your garage. That means, if you have four windows in your garage, you need to use excessive rubber, or in certain cases, you need to permanently close down three windows among them. One window should be enough for air to pass through. 

Since it’s likely that you’ll be spending only a certain amount of time in the garage, you won’t necessarily need all four windows. If you keep all four windows open, then the changes of sound escaping the garage will rise, which is something you want to avoid. Hence, it’s best to keep one window open as it lessens the sound that escapes the garage. 

Sound Blocking Curtains

Soundproof Your Garage

Window Weatherstripping

Soundproof Your Garage

Step Three: Soundproof the Garage Door

If you’re thinking that merely closing the door will suffice to block out the sound escaping your garage, then let us stop you right there and say – absolutely not. Closing a garage door does not mean you’ve made it soundproof. So, you may wonder how to exactly soundproof a door then? Well, as you know, doors have gaps at the top, at the bottom, and on the sides, through which sound can pass easily.

These gaps need to be sealed securely to block out any sound. You can grab some garage door seals that are made of rubber to fit the frame of your door to ensure that the gaps are no longer open. This should help to reduce noise emissions. If the seals don’t work for you, then you can use thick moving blankets which are usually used to protect furniture and other objects during transit. They can greatly help to block out sound.  There is also a special insulation foam made just for garage doors, that will make this task easy. 

Two Car Garage Insulation Foam

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Step Four: Soundproof the Garage Walls

Now that you’ve learned how to soundproof your garage door, what about the garage walls? What can go wrong with them? You might think that only doors have gaps through which sounds can escape, but guess what? Even walls can help sound to escape.

They don’t let out sounds as much as doors do, but they still do to some extent as they’re not 100% soundproof. The best way to soundproof walls is by using foams, sheets, or tiles. The panels of the foam are cut into tiles which you can normally place in narrow walls. Foam panels will reduce the noise and stop sound from bouncing off of your walls. 

Sound Absorption Blanket

Door Soundproofing

Step Five: Soundproof the Ceiling

You have sealed the garage walls. You have sealed the doors. What else is left to soundproof? The ceiling! Sound can also escape through your ceiling if you haven’t thought about it.

To soundproof your ceiling, you have to remove the drywall and fill the gap with a roof installation that’s suitable, and has a dampening compound in between. This will ensure that your ceiling is not allowing the sound to escape. 

Acoustic Panels

Green Glue

Acoustic Foam

Bonus Method to Soundproof Your Garage: Room Inside a Room Construction

Building a room within a room is not an easy task. This is probably the one technique that will require a lot more time, effort, and money. If you have a budget to splurge, then feel free to choose this method to soundproof your garage. It’s a common method of soundproofing and many people have reported that it works really well. 

It’s kind of like a box inside a box. You have to create an additional room inside your garage and make that totally soundproof. It’s worth a shot since you can build that room from scratch and make the isolation way stronger instead of soundproofing the entire garage. It’s going to be a bit of work, but if you can successfully build a room within your garage, it’ll be totally worth it. Doing this also means you may not be able to use your garage for a car any more. 

Final Thoughts Before You Soundproof Your Garage

Soundproofing a garage is not exactly a difficult task. If you can follow the steps and techniques accurately, then it’s definitely going to be worth it. With the listed steps above, you can easily soundproof your garage so that you can make as much noise as your hearts desire. 

I first developed the need to do this when I wanted to be able to workout in the garage. I wanted to be able to play music and drop heavy weights without waking up the entire neighborhood. I set out on a mission to figure out how to reduce the noise and I was very pleased with the results. 

Ian Warner

Ian founded Habits of Success Podcast and wanted to improve his audio since three young children constantly scream in his house. He always questions how he soundproofed noisy rooms in his house and created an audio studio. SoundproofTips is Ian's way of sharing all he has learned. Ian is also a 2012 Olympian that was an All-American at Iowa State University.

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