Soundproof curtains are an extra tool to make your room free from all unnecessary noises. These curtains are simple looking and you may not find too many differences with a regular curtain. However, if you look closely, you will see that the fabric is much heavier than other curtains.

They contain complex elements that absorbs sounds and reduces reverberation. Of course, they are not made for bedrooms only. You can use these curtains for kids’ room, home cinemas, studios, and whatnot.

They come in different vibrant colors. So, you don’t have to worry about matching with your room décor anymore. We researched the best soundproof curtains in the market and reviewed the top ten. Keep on reading and see if any of these curtains excite your interest.

10. Nicetown Noise Reducing Curtains 

Product Description: This Nicetown Noise Reducing Curtains comes in a 52-inch width that would be a perfect fit for a 104-inch windows. They contain black lining that will keep you in an optimum temperature both in summer and winter.

Product Design and Quality: No matter which color you choose, these curtains offer black insulation facing out technology. It reduces the noise to a certain level that will offer you a nice calm environment.

Product Features:

  • Available in various sizes
  • Grommets size: 1.6-inch; silver-colored
  • Contains thermal insulation lining
  • Twice noise reduction power than regular curtains
 Though there remains possibility of sound and light leaking into your room, will minimize the chances. With choosing the right material, you can ensure quality work in that room.

Nicetown Soundproof Curtains


9. MIUCO Room Darkening Curtains

Product Description: MIUCO curtains are enough thick and dense that can cancel both light and noise from the room. Like the previous curtain, this also comes within thermal insulation technology.

Product Design and Quality: Offering the best quality, MIUCO differentiates itself by having a wide range of color variety. You can find these curtains in 18 different colors that will perfectly match with your room décor.

Product Features:

  • Impressive range of color variations
  • Comes with thermal insulation
  • Blocks both light and noise

MIUCO Soundproof Curtains


8. DECONOVO Blackout Back Tab Curtains

Product Description: This curtain also comes in various colors. Made from pure polyester, these curtains have a triple-weave construction. It means an extra mid-layer is added to the curtain that blocks the noise easily.

Product Design and Quality: You’ll find the fabric extremely dense. It is effective against light, noise, and energy loss. So, the quality is absolutely top-notch as a soundproof curtain.

Product Features:

  • Comes in various sizes
  • Contains triple-weave construction
  • Similar pattern on both sides

Deconovo Soundproof Curtains


7. Dreaming Casa Noise Reduction Velvet Curtains

Product Description: Dreaming Casa Curtains will give you the ultimate dreamy feel with its amazing technology. The multi-layered construction provides all the noise cancelling options. Also, you can reduce excess heat in summer and cold in winter. These curtains ensure the temperature very well.

Product Design and Quality: The design ensures noise cancellation effectively. This curtain can be found in twelve solid colors.

Product Features:

  • Triple weave fabric
  • Energy efficient
  • Available in 12 different colors

Dreaming Casa
Soundproof Curtains


6. Eclipse Fresno Room Darkening and Noise Reduction Curtains

Product Description: Eclipse Fresno brings darker shade of curtains that will block the light completely. However, you can expect 40% noise reduction from these curtains.

Product Design and Quality: The curtains are made from interwoven microfiber polyester. The material makes the curtains much lightweight. That’s why it has absorbs less sound than other soundproof curtains.

Product Features:

  • Made of single microfiber polyester
  • Weighs approximately 1.7 pounds
  • Comes in 6 neutral colors
  • Available in three different lengths

Soundproof Curtains


5. RYB Home 3-In-1 Thermal Blackout Soundproof Curtains 

Product Description: RYB offers curtains that have both room darkening properties and noise cancellation services. You can buy them in only three colors – beige, white, and gray.

Product Design and Quality: The design of the curtains is quite unique. It has a detached lining from the polyester fabric. You can easily open the seam of the panels if you’re looking for a noising room.

Product Features:

  • Comes in 2-polyester panels
  • Available only in three colors
  • Provides complete blackout option

Soundproof Curtains


4. HLC.ME Complete Blackout Thermal Soundproof Curtains 

Product Description: Unlike other soundproof curtains, HLC.ME created a curtain with a white lining inside. It’s a two-ply material which can increase energy efficiency more. Besides, it has got light and noise absorption covered.

Product Design and Quality: This is undoubtedly a unique design in terms of its fabric material. You can add preferable materials inside the bottom seam to make the curtains more soundproof.

Product Features:

  • Absorbs light and noise
  • Enhances energy efficiency
  • Has a white lining on the inside part of the 2-ply fabric

Soundproof Curtains


3. Flamingo P Full Curtains

Product Description: Flamingo P Full Curtains are mostly like the Nicetown curtains but they are layered with Faux Silk thermal insulation. This material deliberately blocks the sunlight and all other external light sources.

Product Design and Quality: The quality of these curtains is outstanding. You can easily wash these curtains and maintain its fabric.

Product Features:

  • Provides full noise cancellation
  • Energy efficient
  • UV Ray protected
  • Easily washable

Soundproof Curtains


2. Warm Home Designs 1 Panel Curtains

Product Description: Warm Home Designs brought budget friendly soundproof curtains that will provide you a nice sleep. You can have up to 95% blackout with 100% noise reduction by using these curtains.

Product Design and Quality: This curtain comes in a small number of colors. You can purchase these curtains only in Burgundy, Red, Ivory, Teal Blue, Charcoal, and Grey.

Product Features:

  • Budget friendly
  • Protected from UV Ray
  • 100% efficiency

Soundproof Curtains


1. Cherry Home Luxury Velvet Curtains

Product Description: Cherry Home though about the luxurious décor in your room. With providing maximum sound reduction facilities, these curtains will present magnificence of your work.

Product Design and Quality: The curtains come in heavy velvet, suede materials that make create a retro effect. The added weight ensures the top-notch quality.

Product Features:

  • Made of velvet suede fabric
  • Heavy in weight
  • Sound dampening service at its best

Cherry Home
Soundproof Curtains


Final Thoughts On Soundproof Curtains 

No curtains are perfect and some sound and light can still get into your room. But even knowing that, soundproof curtains will minimize the chances. With choosing the right material, you can ensure quality work in that room.

In fact, these curtains are best for a peaceful sleep too. So, buckle up and get yourself a soundproof curtain from the list above. It’ll definitely be a great investment. Soundproof Wallpaper can also be helpful for reducing the noise in a room. 

Ian Warner

Ian founded Habits of Success Podcast and wanted to improve his audio since three young children constantly scream in his house. He always questions how he soundproofed noisy rooms in his house and created an audio studio. SoundproofTips is Ian's way of sharing all he has learned. Ian is also a 2012 Olympian that was an All-American at Iowa State University.

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