Wallpapers are currently out of fashion. People are moving on to use wall paints for decorating their walls. But people do not always go for style. Sometimes they look for functionality. Speaking of functionality, Soundproof wallpapers and panels are getting more popular day by day. You may think that it's a scam, that such things do not exist. 

We assure you that these wallpapers genuinely block the loud noises coming from outside when you buy the right ones. They don't stop 100% of sound waves, but the difference is significant, and you will notice it when you use them.

You will also realize that not all of the soundproof wallpapers block sound equally. This is because of two factors: their build material and their exterior texture. The texture might not seem that effective, but it plays a significant part in blocking the sounds.

The exterior texture blocks the room's sounds from going to other rooms. And the paddings primarily block the outside noise. 

Because of the rising trend and demand for soundproofing, many companies have flooded the market with countless designs of soundproof wallpapers due to the increasing demand. 

But do not be concerned by all the fakes and phonies out there. We have prepared a list of the top 10 soundproof wallpapers just for you. You can purchase them on Amazon.

What is Soundproof Wallpaper?

It's a no brainer that soundproof wallpapers are essentially wallpapers designed to block sound. But they aren't the same as the traditional single-layered wallpapers we have come to know and use. Instead, it's a combination of multiple layers that work together to block off the sound supposedly.

One of the prime material of these layers is acoustic foam. If you're familiar with acoustic foam, you'd know that it doesn't completely block off the sound, it sort of muffles the outside sound with its thick layer. Some soundproof wallpaper comes with a dedicated insulation layer in addition to that of the acoustic foam layer, providing additional noise reduction.

But to break the myth, soundproof wallpaper will not magically block off everything. Whether it's your tantrum-throwing neighbors or the constant honking of cars, the sound will get muffled or dimmed at best, never close to what you might expect in a music studio or a library.

At this point, you've got the hang of the basics. Soundproof wallpaper isn't precisely a gimmick; it works, well, at least to a limited extent. And if that reality fits your expectation from the product, we would now point out some key pros and cons of soundproof wallpaper.

Pros and Cons of Soundproof Wallpaper


It's Very Cheap

Soundproof wallpapers are the cheapest noise reduction solution you'll find in the market. They are essentially the way to go if you're looking for some limited sound isolation or merely decorating your room even.

For any soundproofing project, soundproof wallpaper can be a budget option to be considered. However, it is to be kept in mind that soundproof wallpaper is already dead cheap compared to other solutions. So it is suggested to go for the mid-range or upper-tier soundproof wallpaper to get any use out of it. Going for the budget options might find you with a wallpaper that does zero isolation with low durability.

Wide Range to Choose From

Soundproof wallpaper is, after all, wallpapers. And there is an almost limitless variety of designs to choose from. Some manufacturers even provide custom made wallpapers. So you'll never run of options.

This is especially true given the limited design options of other soundproofing means. For example, if you opt for vinyl loaded or acoustic cloaks to soundproof your room, you are not left with any choice other than choosing what already comes as standard. So soundproof wallpaper provides for better personalization.

Internal Acoustics

The insulation of soundproof wallpaper, however limited it may be, works both ways. They aren't designed to keep out the sound. Instead, the acoustic foam and unique adhesive material ensure a room's internal acoustics are well maintained. That is, the sound from inside the room won't go outside. The acoustic foam works as a form of a cushion, which is excellent for households with kids.

 This feature is handy while listening to music or watching movies on a loudspeaker. The internal acoustics provides for a better surround sound experience.

Fire and Smoke Resistance

All types of soundproof wallpaper are made to be fire and smoke resistant as per regulation. This helps to secure your room against any accidents better. Some soundproof wallpaper even claims to be waterproof, but that is something we would bet on. Even if the wallpaper itself is waterproof, the adhesive holding it to your wall isn't. so we suggest you better keep any water source or leakage away from your wall if you do not want to end up with a messy peeling wall.

Easy Installation

Soundproof wallpapers are very easy to install. In hindsight, they might appear as thick bulky wallpaper that might give you a hard time getting in place. That is not the case. Even though soundproof wallpapers are considerably thick, they are straightforward to maneuver, and the strong adhesive ensures the wallpaper remains fitted in its place.


Not a Self-Sufficient Solution

As we have mentioned before, soundproof wallpaper works about to muffle external sounds, not completely block them off. As a result, many people opt to combine wallpapers with different insulation materials or opt for vinyl loaded solutions.

Not Very Durable

Durability is another issue where the soundproof wallpaper falls short. Soundproof wallpaper isn't designed to withstand harsh conditions. However, the durability issue isn't because of the limitations of the wallpapers themselves. Often while applying the paper, there remain bubbles, or the sides don't get adequately pasted. That contributes significantly to the early wear and tear of the wallpaper.

10 Best Soundproof Wallpapers

10. Q QIHANG Modern Minimalist Thick Non-Woven Tree Patterns Style Non-Pasted Soundproof Wallpaper

Product Description: Made with extra thick non-woven construction. It has a beautiful tree pattern in dark green color that brings a natural look to your room. You don't need to worry about getting them dirty. With damp cotton and moderate pressure, you can easily clean them up.

Product Design and Quality: The design is mesmerizing to look at. And the thick construction absorbs the sound to make the room soundproof—one thing to keep in mind that these wallpapers are not glued. So it would help if you used separately bought glues to apply them on the walls.

Product Features:

  • Waterproof, Smoke-proof, and Fireproof
  • High-density foaming
  • Absorbs sounds
  • Up to 10 years lifetime

Soundproof Wallpaper


9. BUBOS Decorative Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Padding, Sound Panels

Product Description: One of the most highly decorative and densest wallpapers available in the market. BUBOS produces wall panels with fully automated machine cutting technology to ensure high-grade quality.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with 45° Bevel edges, these panels have a beautiful infinity loop texture to give your office and home a stunning decorative look. It's made with recyclable materials for environmental concerns. Perfect for both decoration and environment lovers.

Product Features:

  • ● Sound Absorption
  • ● B1 class flame retardant
  • ● Odorless technology, safe for adults and kids
  • ● Easy to install with double-sided tape

BUBOS Decorative Acoustic Panels


8. Arthome White Brick 3D Wall Panels Peel and Stick Soundproof Wallpaper

Product Description: Perfect for taking care of your family; this wallpaper from Art home is designed for absorbing sounds to let your family enjoy a happy time in the house. Its self-adhesive design lets you stick it to any surface.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with extra thick 8mm foams to specially protect your child from a collision. And you can easily cut the panels into your desired shape for DIY projects at home. It can be easily cleaned with wet clothes.

Product Features:

● 3D Brick texture

● Waterproof and Heat insulation

● Soundproof

Arthome White Brick
3D Wall Panels


7. Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panel NRC Soundproof Padding

Product Description: Featured on Amazon's Choice, this one is one of the customers' favorite wall panels. High-grade construction with machine cutting and it absorbs unwanted loud noises to keep your room calm.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with a 45° beveled edge, these panels are made with 100% polyester materials. Installation is easy with its double tape installation methods.

Product Features:

● .95 noise reduction coefficient

● Perfect for home, studio, and offices

● Eco-friendly materials

● Odorless texture

Rhino Acoustic
Absorption Panel


6. Soniproof 12 Pack Acoustic Soundproof Wallpapers

Product Description: Made specifically for Noise reduction for your bedroom so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Its noise reduction coefficient is above 0.9, and a durable design ensures that it holds to its value for a long time.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with 12×12×0.35 pieces. It's made with non-toxic, formaldehyde-free materials. The boards are uniform. It is durable, tear-resistant, and reliable. The padding helps reduce the impact of collision to keep your child safe.

Product Features:

● Easy shaping and implementation

● Strong sound absorption design

● It can be used anywhere

● Easy installation with 3mm double-sided tape or other types of glues

Soniproof 12 Pack
Acoustic Panels


5. Craft Faux Brick Soundproof Wall Panels

Product Description: This panel has a soothing look that gives you a sensational feel. You can quickly turn your boring place into a precious, gorgeous space for yourself.

Product Design and Quality: It is designed with self-adhesive technology for easy installation and removal. The 3D texture gives it a realistic feel of the wooden surface. The material quality is durable and tear-resistant to ensure long term use.

Product Features:

● Shiplap texture

● 70cm × 70cm panels

● Absorbs sound and impact of collisions

Craft Faux Brick


4. Lehom White Foam Brick

Product Description: Simple yet beautiful, brings a stunning look in any room. It features a superficial peel and sticks design for easy installation and removal.

Product Design and Quality: Made with PE foam materials to make your room soundproof. Aside from wall padding, you can use it in your DIY projects.

Product Features:

● 3D wall tile simulation

● Anti-collision foam

● Waterproof and wear resistance design

Lehom White Foam Brick


3. Masione 3D Self-Adhesive Soundproof Wallpaper

Product Description: Features ultra-realistic 3d textures to give you the most realistic feel that any foam panels can provide. The material is very durable. But with sharp scissors, you can cut them and multiple joint colors to create your DIY wall design.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with eco-friendly materials for ensuring the health of your family. Strong adhesive glue can stick with the walls for up to 10 years.

Product Features:

● Waterproof

● Sound Absorption

● Anti-children collision

Soundproof Wallpaper


2. TAISHAN 3D Wall Panel Crocodile Print

Product Description: Features multiple layers of foams and an exterior crocodile print. The thick foam is Heat insulated, so your room stays warm in Winter.

Product Design and Quality: Made with PE foam, these panels are durable and beautiful to look at. The installation process is easy.

Product Features:

● Peel and Stick installation

● Soundproof padding

● Anti-collision

Soundproof Wallpaper


1. YTATT 3D Brick Soundproof Wall Stickers 

Product Description: An excellent choice for decoration lovers. Features a realistic, simple brick wall texture that is idle for any room and office. It is one of the most effective soundproofing panels.

Product Design and Quality: Designed with multiple layers of thick PE foams. The foams can be cut to design your die wall design.

Product Features:

● Nine layers of PE foam

● Soundproof

● Waterproof

● Anti-collision design

Brick Wallpaper Peel


Alternatives to Soundproof wallpaper

Soundproof wallpaper is an excellent option for budget-oriented customers looking for a cheap soundproofing solution. However, there are some other, more expensive alternative/additions to soundproof wallpaper.

Here we have listed a few:

  • Weather-stripping 
  • Wall decorative insulation panels.
  • Mass loaded vinyl 
  • Acoustic foam panels 

These can be great alternatives if you're not much concerned about the budget and aesthetics.

Final Thoughts on The Best Soundproofing Wallpapers

These are the best soundproof wallpapers you can get on Amazon. Remember, the best one is the right one for you. So set your requirements and match them with their features to pick the best one for your home.

Ian Warner

Ian founded Habits of Success Podcast and wanted to improve his audio since three young children constantly scream in his house. He always questions how he soundproofed noisy rooms in his house and created an audio studio. SoundproofTips is Ian's way of sharing all he has learned. Ian is also a 2012 Olympian that was an All-American at Iowa State University.

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